Hi! I am Alex.
I will teach you coding here.
So let's get started.
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About Us

We, here at Remarkin are working to change and bring a new era of e-learning experience. We are innovating user’s learning style and relation with our online learning portal. “Remarkin – Learn to Code” is an e-learning portal where user can learn coding in an interactive way, with theory as well as practical examples and user assessment. Thus they can get more knowledge with fun, entertainment and engagement.

In Remarkin, we have created a virtual character named “Alex”, user’s digital friend who teaches coding by chatting! He chats with users to provide messages and instructions to teach them coding, making it interesting and engaging. He guide them for coding and help them on each mistakes they make, making experience live. In each level, Alex interact with user and provide instructions to learn, user will continue chat by replying or by following instruction and running code. Alex also helps to write code character by character and develop user’s interest for accurate coding.

We have designed the whole site and each level in a gamified way, to keep learning more interesting than entertainment! All the levels are designed by keeping users in center. Thus making education is more than entertainment.

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